Tales from the Cube: non-tech techie jabber

Don’t you hate it when you’re at the usual Monday morning staff meeting, and the resident “technical support” person starts to jabber ambiguously trying to answer a question from their totally tech clueless supervisor? I know I hate it. It’s like listening to someone verbally chase their tale, and because they throw in a few long or abbreviated technical terms, its supposed to all be meaningful. Meanwhile I’m sitting there with my non-tech bullshit babel fish chip in my ear, constantly confirming what I already know is true, they aint talking about shit! Mondays suck…

Por ejemplo (for example):
Alise: yo
T 2U: hidey ho
Alise: how goes it?
T 2U: down the hole
T 2U: how bout u?

Alise: I just died and went to acronym Hell
Alise: I had one of those technical meetings
T 2U: a mtg about GUIs and LAN/WAN for the COO who cant figure out how to use the wsywg
Alise: HA!

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