Negrobola, et. al.

Visual aids and explanations to guide you through the latest installment of Ignant IM's:

...Negrobola personified ...

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***Alston & Angier = the hood (Not the rap hood, but the real hood (c)Jay-Z)

Ok, I think now you are ready!

Alise: oh ok, random quote* from a blog that had me in stitches: "I think fuckery might have evolved into an airborne virus, and it is messing with everyone’s psyche."
T 2U: group psychosis?
T 2U: lol
T 2U: the fuckery virus

Alise: precisely!
Alise: Negrobola
Alise: It has an 18 year incubation period
Alise: whatever that means, it just sounded fancy... lol
T 2U: that means your a full blown idiot just in time to be old enough to vote
Alise: And they will never cure Negrobola, just find a way to let you live with it
Alise: bc as C. Rock says 'the money's in the medicine'
Alise: Sometimes I feel like we are a Tuskegee experiment
Alise: Maybe some Robitussin will knock it out... lol
T 2U: Robitussin cures everything
Alise: ...... or some castor oil
T 2U: oooweeeeee casta oil
Alise: lol
T 2U: what is the difference between myspace and facebook?
Alise: facebook is not as obnoxious
Alise: ....BUT
Alise: it's getting there
Alise: and I hardly use myspace now that I have been doing the blogger crack
T 2U: do you think blogging will kill myspace?
Alise: naw, myspace is like
T 2U: not a pretty comparison
T 2U: lol
T 2U: roaches on my space

Alise: no, myspace is the roach
Alise: surviving nuclear wars and shit
Alise: and also is dirty and annoying and shit
Alise: thrives off of filth and fuckery
Alise: I think it is a carrier of the Negrobola virus
T 2U: i have not been to this seedy side of myspace**, that u describe so vividly
T 2U: lol

Alise: oh you lucky sheltered one
Alise: Well it is on the corner of Alston & Angier Ave***.
T 2U: hA!

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