Cubicle Glossary, 'Cubespeak' if you will

cubicle, noun
1. breeding ground for contempt
2. cage for guerillas
3. cage for gorillas

meeting, noun
a designated time and place for idiots to boast their stupidity (idiots need soapboxes too)

promotion, noun.
more work and title extension for less pay

manager , noun i guess
an idiot with *unearned pride


T 2U: any new fantasmic poems in the works?
T 2U: i'm going to need you to produce more and faster (mimicking my boss and the establishment)
T 2U: (feeling stupid like my boss and the establishment, but too full of unearned pride to admit it)
Alise: ha, unearned pride
T 2U: can you even have unearned pride?
Alise: yes, it is called those pretensious folks living a lie
T 2U: ha! well when u put it like that
T 2U: and remind me why it goes before the fall
Alise: wait wait.... wiki pedia says: Pride goes before a fall is a paraphrase of an ancient Hebrew proverb, designed to warn that pride will often cause one to fall or fail. Another variant on this quotation is Pride comes before the fall.
Alise: good ol' interweb
T 2U: pride will often cause one to fall or fail
T 2U: makes sense
T 2U: too much pride that is
Alise: pride generally covers a multitude of sins

furlough (alt. sp. fur-looooow) , noun
little people taking the bullet for big-wig
idioacy [syn. bullshit]

raise, noun.
a yearly increase far below inflation [syn. bullshit]

Cubicle Crusaders, super-duper-noun
1. wolves in business-cassual attire
2. Time bombs with teeth
3. Cool ass gals (or guys) biding their time until the revolution [i.e. Tiha & Naturally Alise.... and maybe YOU]

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