Lyrical Snitches?/Hip Hop Amber Alert

*I'm a straight up menace geaah !

T 2U: happy friday!
Alise: what up?!
T 2U: i'm ready to go home
Alise: working on something:
I'm a punk-ass Poet Hot on the page,
but not in the streets
I am analytical and critical
So, yeah, I'm a hater
I call shenannigans on nonsensical bullshit...
I wonder do lyrical snitches get stiches?

T 2U: lyrical snitches, HA!
T 2U: if you do it lyrically you get deemed as a poet and philosopher
T 2U: street snitches get beat down

Alise: Will I speak up , and get beat down
Will keeping it real go wrong?
T 2U: keep going*
Alise: I'm thinking
T 2U: think harder
Alise: I am imaginative and use my poetic license ,So I guess I'm a faker, a perpetraitor i suppose
T 2U: fake ass license
Alise: I'm riding dirty
T 2U: on lyrical 22s
T 2U: 22 bars
T 2U: ha ha

Alise: that's gangsta, you a straight up menace fool!

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