Revolutionize Deez, Part II

*I am convinced Tiha is just sick in the head, I don't believe her, she needs more people.

Well today my partner in (C)Rhyme is "sick"*... boo hoo and sh*t.... so we can't do a collaboration poem, so I will post up one of my few angry/revolution pieces of personal poetry and a throwback IM convo to hopefully keep all 9 of you entertained (lol)....

the end of a conversation about regrets, do-overs, and sh*t.....

T 2U: can't live in the past with the coulda woulda shouldas
T 2U: dammmit
T 2U: i stil cant help kicking myself
T 2U: had i just beleived in myself back then i coulda went far
Alise: Just think about what you can, will, and shall do
T 2U: this is what happens to a dream deferred
Alise: but think about it.... it is deferred not defeated... so suck that sh*t up pimpin'
T 2U: yeah not defeated by far
T 2U: just deferred, lol
"Revolution Deferred"
That dream deferred explodes,
But that makes me wonder…

What happens to freedom fighting deferred?
It allows for here and now bondage to abound
What happens to revolution deferred?
It allows the revolving door of regression to spin at full force….
What happens to acceptance deferred?
It divides us further, and we continue to be conquered
What happens to self love deferred?
It lets hate sneak like a thief in the night to infiltrate us all.

Putting off the fight, puts us in a predicament that potentially puts our souls on oppression's chopping block,
Waiting to wage war on the world's ills is letting massa’ wield his whip once again.
Silence is settling for suffering..
Indifference is an invitation for injustice
And you are just giving your RSVP for destruction.
Don't be scared to fight…
Be scared of what will happen if you don't.
Don't raise your right fist and scream black power.
Open that hand and grab what is rightfully yours.
Don't kick yourself in self pity about what ya shoulda woulda coulda did
Kick down doors with self empowerment and do what you shall, will, and can do

The revolution ain't televised, but the regression is…
So lets not focus on "entertainment",
Don't entertain the notions of ignorance,
If you don't watch it, it will fail
But if you don't keep your eyes on the prize, that too will fail.
If you don't listen to the absurdities on the airwaves, radio will fail
The enemy wants your ears on the nice bass lines and catchy hooks
They don't want you to keep your ear to the ground….
So listen up because ignorance ain't bliss….
Defer the revolution no longer..............

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Quick said...

"The revolution ain't televised, but the regression is…"

I love that line. Thanks for stopping by Quick's Catch Up!