Revolution for/against My People*

*lighten up, written in jest

After doing research on Che Guevara I’m feeling revolution minded. Guevara saw many injustices done to his people, and in trying to help them, he became a soldier for the people. Although his tactics were rather violent and aggressive, the total opposite of great civil rights leaders as MLK, I completely feel his idealism. This leads me to want to start my own revolution for my people, with the enemy being my people. I’m tired of seeing all the injustices we do to ourselves, and being calm and rational about it just isn’t getting results. I want to pull out some guerilla warfare on the community. I want to set up schools in the back of liquor stores and churches, so that no matter where the righteous or drunk my go, they can find the knowledge. I want to rob the black wealthy and give the money in the urban programs that provide extra education, food, and activities for the inner city youth who have nothing better to do with their time. I want to ship guys in prison from Attica to military schools and camps, so I can strengthen my army while showing folks another way, an outlet for all that pent up frustration and anger. I want to furlough the celebrities and make them do community service on the days they don’t get paid, make them earn their role model status, because regardless of whether or not you see yourself as a role model, that’s what our youth see you as and you have a responsibility to them to ACT RIGHT! I want to take the uppidity set of negroes and bring them back to where they are from and teach them that you don’t ever look down upon your own people, we are all we got. I want to overpay our teachers, social services folks, cops and emergency medical people. They save our lives everyday, they deserve it. And once I’m done tearing down all the ghettos and rebuilding the community, educating the people, feeding the people, working on the self esteem of the people, employing the people, and whooping the ass of anyone who tries to stop me, I’ll retire on an island, populated by NONE of my people. You negroes wear me out…

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NaturallyAlise said...

"Open every cell in Attica, send them to Africa" (c) Nas

Okay you had me hollering at going to the island with NONE of your people.... Cole, you stupid!...... but I feel you.

Anonymous said...

Nice, so now I don't feel back for wanting to blow up the projects and re-disperse the peoples (and the funds).