Boundaries & Hip-Hop Amber Alert...

This is the Hip-Hop Amber Alert for this week from your good friends at CCIR. Anyone who remembers this song are my new best friends, oh and best believe that is quite an honor.... any-hoo this song thrust the word boundaries into my brain, and that random-full-circled me to the lack of boundaries in the workplace, so enjoy my ramblings on the topic.

“Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your
right to choices.”

-Gerard Manley Hopkins

Let's talk about something that has had me irritated about the Cube world, and just the world in general, and that is people crossing boundaries. the concept of “personal space” seems to be so foreign to the co-drones I have the displeasure of suffering working with 40+ hours a week. There are dozens of ways to do this, let's explore...

  • Physically impinging on others (this does not have to be touching to be bad), I can't stand the 'hover-er' person, don't surround me like a vulture, I know this job is killing my soul, but I ain't dead yet!
  • Spreading your crap out so it limits the space available to others, please keep your crap containes in your cell cube
  • Talking excessively loudly about your pathetic life (or lack thereof), I already knew you were pathetic and now you open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  • Having an obnoxious ring tone. Individuality is all well and good but you can hardly expect others to respect your individuality if it involves them being battered by it.
  • Sending forwards to my work email is not hot in the streets, therefore is not hot in the cube!

So if you exhibit any of these behaviors, please check yourself or i will be forced to thrash you... what are some boundary-crossing behaviors that happen at your workplace?

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Thembi said...

This is a great idea for a blog - keep it up!

And yes, I do remember that song. Amber alert, indeed.

eysqueen said...

any time someone crosses the 4th cube wall threshold (the space where the 4th wall should be). there is nothing over here that anyone needs, ever. oh and breathing on my comp screen. WHY are you soooo close?! gotta stop, i'm starting to twitch...

NaturallyAlise said...

@ Thembi

oh yes, the fourth wall infiltrator should be destroyed at company expense..

Kitty said...

I hate it when people just stand there all Lurch like and wait instead of.. I don't know maybe saying "excuse me" or even "hey heifer" to get my attention.