Should crazy people be allowed to vote?

If you have to be deemed competent in order to stand trial, should that same criteria be used to vote? Am I taking this too far? Maybe, but I don’t care.
I will admit that when the democratic nomination race was tight, and it looked like Obama was losing, I was upset, and yes I was bad mouthing Clinton like nobody’s business. However, I did not start out backing Obama, in fact Clinton had my full support for a while, a long while. Then I looked at what everyone had to say, what everyone had to offer, McCain included (I am not with any political party, in fact I HATE politics and a little piece of me is dying as I type this political commentary), and I made my educated decision. So when it looked like Clinton was going to take the nomination I was disappointed. I contemplated not voting, and then I got over it. I made up my mind that no matter who got the nomination, I was going to vote for the person I felt would do the best job. Pride swallowed and everything. That is a glimpse into a rational (most of the time) mind.

But at what point is someone being irrational? What is the first red flag, the first indication? Does it go something like this:

Now this is just a mildly irrational reaction. We all know there are more people with way more irrational thoughts. So should these people, who have taken the presidential race sooo personal that they would regress and throw a tantrum to beat all tantrums and act out of spite, just to get their point across, should these unbalanced voters keep their right to vote? Are they competent enough to vote? Can they make the voting ballot in the shape of a paddle and reality check everyone as they step into the polls? Can we double tax everyone who can vote when they DON’T vote?

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NaturallyAlise said...

"Can they make the voting ballot in the shape of a paddle"

Ha Ha, priceless! I knew I kept you around for something, lol...

President Anthony Taurus said...

On the real, we walked the exact same path during this election. The problem with people is that we only care about what we want to care about. Damn the other issues.

I responded to this other person's blog, some Mexican dude. He's talking about how Obama doesn't care about Latinos and immigration. He was upset because he felt "Yes we can!" was stolen from Cesar Chavez. I thought to myself and responded along the lines: HOW DAMNED PITIFUL, ARROGANT, AND SELFISH! The US is in hell right now and this is what bothers him the most. This is what his grandmother is crying about. Something so stupid and minuscule.

I've got my issues as well but I've got the common sense to know my "big" issues (marijuana legalization) are minor in comparison to the other issues at hand. So, I take in as much information as I can to make an educated and rational decision, a serious decision devoid of irrational emotions.

I do think that there should be some sort of test, like a driver's license or a voter's license to ensure that these people understand there is more at stake than just YOUR issue. But, that can't happen. Folks give others enough trouble voting without creating more barriers. If you ask me, we should just take em somewhere quiet and put em out of their misery.