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I am currently compiling a collection of the brillianty ignorant Instant Messaging adventure of me and my kindred spirit with IM handle of T2u, but can also be found at Artistic or Just Plain Crazy, we have been for real friends and Yahoo Instant Messaging buddies for about 4 years now... anyway, I am going to share funny or thought provoking snippets from out convos over the years... so enjoy our little slice of heaven (or hell depending on you point of view)

This particular conversation was about someone I used to date and the discussion of how this person has changed AND the prospect of me dating this person ever again, names have been changed to protect folks and shit....

T2U (8/4/2008 2:20:33 PM): what was the ish with her? she was crazy right?
Alise (8/4/2008 2:20:56 PM): she was all judgemental and classist
Alise (8/4/2008 2:21:20 PM): she did have some attachment issues i think
Alise (8/4/2008 2:21:35 PM): with a sprinkle of jealousy
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:21:48 PM): and severe insecurities that manifested in super defensiveness
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:21:58 PM): "Tasha" can do no wrong, but u sure can
Alise (8/4/2008 2:22:21 PM): which would have been jealousy of the healthy kind if she was actually my girlfriend, but unhealthy for friends who have sex
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:22:48 PM): is she any better now? can you tell from the convo?
Alise (8/4/2008 2:22:54 PM): i think she may have conquered some of the insecurities, but note I said "some"
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:23:39 PM): lol!
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:23:53 PM): all she need is someone to love and someone to love her
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:23:58 PM): love conquers all
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:24:02 PM): yada yada yada
Alise (8/4/2008 2:24:31 PM): *barf*
Alise (8/4/2008 2:24:41 PM): naw, she does seem different though
Alise (8/4/2008 2:24:55 PM): people change when they cut the perm out they head
Alise (8/4/2008 2:24:57 PM): lol
Alise (8/4/2008 2:25:16 PM): I think the chemicals in relaxers fries our brains and sense of reason
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:25:28 PM): you got me over here in tears!
Alise (8/4/2008 2:25:40 PM): lol
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:26:00 PM): a natural will make you black
Alise (8/4/2008 2:26:25 PM): in a NY minute
Alise (8/4/2008 2:27:01 PM): like we be joking about it, but for real it puts you in touch with something else
Alise (8/4/2008 2:27:13 PM): i dont know what that something else is
T 2U (8/4/2008 2:27:33 PM): hmmm interseting

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