IM Excerpt o' the day...

(She might kill me for posting this one, but it is hillarious)

Link to the article we were discussing: Obama's Sidekick Pick

After reading our convo go check the article out for yourself and tell me what ya think!


Naturally Alise

(T2U actually should have read the rest of the article though, it wasn't thaaaaat bad, BUT some of his earlier stuff sucked ass...) here goes:

T 2U: did u read the article about Obama picking a sidekick?
Alise: i have been slacking on my root pimpin
Alise: so no, lol
T 2U: it was horrible!
T 2U: the quality of the person who wrote it.....
T 2U: ugh

Alise: i definitely have to check it out so i can heckle
T 2U: or maybe i'm just on Obamas nuts so hard that anyone doubting his intellegence pisses me off
T 2U: i only read the first 2 paragraphs

Alise: oh wow
T 2U: tmi?
T 2U: lol

Alise: naw, that u only read the first 2 paragraphs
Alise: tmi doesnt really exist in my world
T 2U: oh lol
T 2U: girl i couldnt continue
T 2U: i prematurly ejaculated my judgement all over that article

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