Random Thursday

This is your Georgia rooted cubicle crusader reporting from the field (my cube). I’m here, in an antibiotic haze, dutifully giving my commentary on this day of randomness and peace. I am convinced that Georgia is trying to kill me. You’re probably wondering how an entire state, who could care less about some lil black girl, be conspiring to kill me? Well this is how, (mind you I’m still hopped up on decongestant and antibiotics) I’ve been struck down, once again, by some crazy sinus throat infection type shit. This shit is so special that they had to send my culture away to a super lab and have it tested 3 ways south before giving me my results. I’m still waiting. In the meantime, I’m to take our super bacteria killing antibiotics, for something they cant identify, and a thick, red matte colored cough syrup, that doesn’t stop my cough. All of this really sounds like I have a cold, and I perhaps should not have gone to urgent care like I did, however, let me take you back to the last time Georgia put a sneak attack on me. Long story short, I almost went toxic on…the icky stuff our body tries to push out of our noses. I was put on the wrong kind of antibiotics and had a sweet case of vertigo. A sista lost quite a few pounds during that time in her life. I no longer wait shit out. And as sinus related infection go, I’m still groggy, still cloudy, still disoriented, and I’m surprised I’m able to type this stuff up. Tomorrow is going to be funny when I read this and am like wtf? And now I’ve completely lost track of my point.

Time to hit submit!

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NaturallyAlise said...

Ok, I usually go along with your conspiracy theories but I guarantee you GA is not trying to kill, it is all 48 contiguous states that are trying to kill you... dang get with the program....