Office Culture

Today's cube speak word/topic of the day is 'office culture'.

Office culture is the social context in which work and other interactions take place. It's "the way things get done around here," in other words. It's the on-the-ground expression of the values, routines, and practices that govern not just work (the way policies and procedures do), but the interactions that people have while they're working....

My major office culture dynamics that irk me to no end are:

* The " this is how we have always done it" office, Le sigh. Yeah, and people that look like me used to be slaves too, but they decided to switch that sh*t up eventually too..

* The Micro-managed office Nothing is worse than an idiotic despot over the shoulder watching and dictating your every move but then asking you for a 'task list' like you are in 4th grade .... Trust your employee, why would you hire someone that you didn't trust to do the job anyway???

* The estrogen filled office - This is by far the worst of all the offices (sorry fellow chicks) because 9 times out of 10 a female boss along with her fellow henchman the other female support staff are über-bitches... (I love the word über because of the umlaut... sorry I am very distractable/random/special ed) And I understand the bitchiness to a point because you have to prove yourself to your male counterparts, blah blah, blah, but understanding it does not make it more tolerable at all. period.

What office cutural behavior/dynamics bother you or are you a part of?

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shatani said...

that estrogen office was the bane of my existence!! i was surrounded by bitchy blonde women, who were quite possibly insane. one of them yelled at my mother one time for no good reason...she's REAL lucky i didnt hear about that til after i left.

i am currently working in an estrogen fest and i can see the pitfalls again. however, its not as bad...maybe because everyone is dr. something or training to be dr. something. i dunno! there are some power struggles and mumbled threats of mutiny....but overall, i think this office gets along great! way better than any office full of women ive ever worked with before! plus theres the added incentive of working with clients...most of the time you have to get over yourself and do whats best for the clients.

NaturallyAlise said...


Okay so I am not alone in my feelings... but I now work in the opposite of the 'estrogen' fest and work in a very male dominated office dynamic, and while it does have its occasional issues, it is not as bad as working with a bunch o' women, yeah there is some of the usual work issues exist but sans gossip, cattiness, PMS, & jealousy.....

shatani said...

yes, that jealousy can be a killer! at the first place i talked about, i was just working there for the year i took off between undergrad and grad school...they acted like that was okay when they hired me and then tried to play games when it was time for me to go to interviews and stuff...i told the one woman point blank: 1. you knew this before you hired me and 2. grad school is a LOT more important than this. i dont intend to make $11.38/hr for the rest of my life...and i walked out.

a good few of the managerial type chicks was hatin (i just love saying that, but this time they really were!) cuz i was going to school...most of them had plans of going back to school...and now 10 years later, they still in the same crap job and not making much more than when they started. i was not about to be them when i grow up