Revolutionize Deez

IM from 1/8/2007, I just thought it was funny so I am sharing it with my adoring public, all both of the 2 of them.... lol

T 2U : happy monday
Alise : yeah yeah yeah
Alise : monday scmonday
T 2U : lol
T 2U :turn that frown upside down
T 2U : u finish ur revolutionary poem yet? i posted mines on myspace
T 2U : where the hell is urs?
Alise : in my back pocket bitch
Alise : revolutionize deez
T 2U : and when the fbi jacks me up, i'm going to tell them thats where all our plans are
T 2U : in yo back pocket

Alise : it is code.... I aint even got no pockets... aha
Alise : you think I am stupid, I know I'm being watched
T 2U : direct tv, am i watching it......
Alise : or is it watching me? *
T2U: lol
*Shouts out to Jilly from Philly
** Dedicated to my Che Guevera researching friend T2U in her gorilla suit, yes I called you a monkey, now go revolutionize that!

A blast from the past:

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