Poetry Wednesday - "Where's the Love?"

"Ni**a, Respect the game. That should be it, what you eat don't make me sh*t. Where's the love?"

Just another collabo brought to you by the good people at CCIR....... (poems every Wednesday)

Forehead flat from banging it against the wall in the face of misconstrued thoughts and sentiments.
“you bitches just don’t understand!”
Screamed from the mouth of an adult teenager
Becoming accustomed to the angst that is her life.
Labeled as observer
Only participating in her mind
Talents coveted
Potential hidden
Recognition recognizing the prize that is her

But the masses
The lemmings
Are oblivious to what IT is that she IS that she has
And who she’s always been.
Tortured by her greatness,
But grateful to have something that makes her special
And if the result is miscomprehension
Then she’ll take hers on the side, next to her genius,
Because the only applause she really needs comes from within.

And when she clap she stands even taller
Because her brillance requires ovations
And your unappreciation does not lead to her depreciation
She is not deterred by your attempted dream defecation
(your sh*t does not affect her)

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suga said...

i LOVED this!!