Hair me out y'all!

I think I want to cut off my locks... and why you ask??? Well here are the reasons:

1. I never was particularly fond of long hair on myself, my hair always has grown fast and I have always chopped it off

Me with shorter hair and a lot leaner ... note to self: hit the gym

2. The hair on my neck is making me break out, and what is the point of having long hair if I am going to have to just put i up in a pony tail everyday. Boring-tired-ass ponytail (and I look bored and tired on the pic)
3. It is getting more and more time consuming taking care of it properly

Should have seen how long it took me to do this!

4. Need a fresh start

*random web pic* I would love to try some things with color and varying lengths, just have fun, I'm young, why not?

5. Tired of folks touching my hair... geez...

*I gotta get this shirt like ASAP!

BUT, I swear when I tell people (my locked friends) this they give me more grief about that than permed folks gave me when I decided to go natural.... go figure! I'll let you know what I decide to do, even though I know I will cut it, I'll post pics of it when I do it, PEACE!

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GOODENess said...

you know...I went natural in July 07 which was HUGE since I've had (relaxed) hair down my back for 25 years at that point (I didn't have hair as an I love my big red fro and all of the men that told me not to cut it off love it too, go figure...but I typed all that to typed this...I want locs...I REALLY do..but I have mad committment issues that extend into every aspect of my life...locs are a commitment fo'real! this is the second blog I've read that a sister is entertaining cutting their crown (Sister Toldja did it and looks DOPE) so it makes me kind of not want them...ya know? I am thinking I will just do the yarn loc/braids and keep my fro so I can still have versatility and not "commit" to just one think the short hair ROCKS on you...everybody can't do a short do...I got a head like a watermelon...LMAO...loved the post...speak easy!