Tales from the Cube- Is irony ever funny?

I’ve been having a particularly ironic time at for the past few weeks. Let me start off by defining what I do: I design online courses for the staff at this shit hole work. I also want to state that I love what I do, honestly. Ok those disclaimers are out of the way. Lately there has been talk of budget cuts and layoffs, real world pink slip type stuff going on around here. People are freaking out, left and right and people are pretty tense and stressed. I’m stressed too, but not entirely about a potential lay off, I’m more stressed because of the shitty toxic environment that my creative soul is forced to produce from. Its like trying to roll down a street in a box. And that’s just the summed up version of my experience here. IRONY ALERT: So amidst the chaos and stress, I’ve been tasked with creating an online course called “Stress Management”. This course contains information relating to stress, mainly job stress, and how to cope with it. This course was specifically requested because of the high level of stress everyone is feeling.

So I’m gritting my teeth every day, trying not to dismember my Mr. Potato head boss. I’m trying to take pride in what I do (because I love it) meanwhile living through the crap steps I’ve written into the course. All the while thinking, does this shit really work? And surprise, surprise, it actually freaking does! It’s kind of crappy that I had to learn this stuff and do it while making it suitable for the staff, but let me tell you, deep breathing, visualizations, going for a walk, journaling (blogging), exercising, cutting back on caffeine, talking about it, all does help alleviate job stress. They help to cope with the things I cannot change, and they’ve kept my coworkers and administration safe from my angry black girl wrath.

The shit still isn’t funny though.

*Tiha's boss

T 2U: and talking to my boss is like talking to mr potato
Alise: pull his eye out, punch it, and then put it back in
T 2U: that's exactly what i was going to do when i went in to the

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Anonymous said...

The stuff works good on paper but when the s*** hits the fan, I don't care how many angry management courses or books you've read. If the person gets a pink slip, the last thing they are going to be thinking about is rule #3 from a manual...LOL

NaturallyAlise said...

Let me tell you guys, this blog is part of the wooo-sahhhh that allows me to keep going through this Cubicle madness, and I probably need to throw in some yoga or some shit to keep me from becoming a prison statistic.... lol