Just Say No..... (poem)

(Another Tiha/Alise Colabo for dat ass......)

Hypocritical US always on their high white horse
Pointing syringes, I mean fingers and aiming nuclear weapons
Government dope feinds
With no righteous vein in sight
Do anything for a dollar
Just to squander
.....on instant gratification
...and long term suffering
12-steps aint working
The United States of Arrogance can't get past step 1
Admitting the problem
And their pride cushions all their faults
But even they can't make the destruction any more comfy
......Wittless leadership pacified by heroin dreams

Alise: ...Just say no
T 2U: just say no to the american dream!
Alise: I like that....

2 comment(s) thus far...:

eysqueen said...

ok now we look anti-american, are you trying to get us black listed?!

NaturallyAlise said...

Oh I meant to add the disclaimer: "Just playing..." *cough, cough, side eye*