I've Got Work To Do!

CCIR Agenda :
Monday - 'The Revolution Will Be Blogged', brought to you by Tiha
Tuesday - 'Cube Speak' selections, brought to you by Naturally Alise
Wednesday - Poetry Collaboration
Thursday - ....randomness/day of peace
Friday- Hip-Hop/R & B Amber Alert w/ commentary

Okay all official business out of the way. Here is some randomness with a random conversation and video.....


Alise: this day sucks
Alise: Did I tell you I got a part time job too?
T 2U: i thought you were supposed to be healing
T 2U: what u doing working extra?

Alise: hard headed
Alise: and on a paper chase
T 2U: sheesh
T 2U: you better be resting in between all that
T 2U: so what you doing part time? hooking?
Alise: i wish, then I could make my own hours, lol

I go to work bitches! Enjoy!

*Big Daddy Kane on "The Arsenio Hall Show!

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eysqueen said...

Big Daddy Kane be lamping in Raleigh sporting that same jacket and same hair cut....

And what ever happend to Arsenio? That show was the bomb!! (with his double jointed thumb)