* Sometimes lightbulb moments happen like this.*

T 2U: Never let your dilemma define you
T 2U: would you like to blog on that subject for today?
Alise: sure....

Well, nothing ignant about that IM, we talk about some things of substance from time to time. According to probability it is bound to happen. With that being said; Tiha wrote a blog over at Artistic or Just Plain Crazy today about inspiration (read it to understand the post a little better) . The particular inspiration she was speaking of was about those bad or strange things that happen to you that can turn into something that inspires or "kicks you in the butt" to accomplish your dreams. (Damn, that was the run-on sentence from Hell). So today I will get a little personal and delve into a situation that changed my world.... for the better in the long run.

Here's my sobbish story:
Picture this: Morrisville, NC and leaving work at about 5:45 pm, excited about the Poetry Slam Finals going down a little later that evening. The first part of the drive I am reciting one last poem that I was stuck on memorizing. I finally get it right. Sweet! So, I am driving along listening to Little Brother's Mick Boogie Mixtape jamming to "Never Leave" and screaming "Krispy Kreme will never leave the street!" (I am silly and so is Little Brother).

Soooooooooooo, I get off on my intended exit , 540 East to Hwy. 70 to go to the crib and change clothes to be fly for the performance that evening. This was a special night because:

* I made it to the finals
* Friends who had never seen me perform before were coming out
* I hadn't been performing regularly so this was exciting

Well, I stop at getting off at that exit because that is all I remember. I woke up in an ambulance. (Thinking it was dream) Lose conciousness. Wake up in ER. Then the wittiest, most Alise-ish thing in the world happened (I had to throw this in here):

When they brought me in ,my friend who was in the emergency/trauma room with me said that the doctor was explaining my injuries to me and says, "Oh yes, you have multiple contusions on your lungs, a contusion is.....", My friend said right at that moment I cut him off and said, "I know what a fucking contusion is, went to college!", and that the doctors and nurses laughed, and she said at that moment she knew that I was going to be alright bc she got a glimmer of my personality even though I was in pain.....

Lose conciousness again. Wake up in hospital bed with the following: broken ribs, cracked sternum, hella bruises, bruised lungs, 2 black eyes, and broken spirit (and upset because I didn't get to go perform, lol) . Well after a week long stint in the hospital, I go home, but I must recover at home for a month (Thank you Hay-Seuss for short-term disability). Due to financial reasons I make the decision to move back home with Mom Dukes and have been forced to do a Brand Nubian and slooooooooow down...

The result:
* Gained time to reevaluate where my life was going
* Facing possible death opens your eyes to a lot of *ish
* If I wouldn't have slowed down I would have possibly missed out on getting to know a fabulous human being who has touched my world in a million ways.
* Probably would have been no blog
* Able to repair a 29 year tense difficult relationship with my mother
* Oh yeah and I got hella savings in the worst financial time of our lifetimes
* The accident must have knocked some creative lever back into gear, because I have been a writing machine as of late!

So basically, I give thanks to the hard lessons, because with hard headed folks like myself, sometimes that is the only way to make us take notice.

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suga said...

Lovely story, Alise, especially the part about repairing the relationship with your mom. I'd have to be halfway dead in order to move back home with my mom as well. lol Seriously, though, it might bring us closer though.

Great inspiration!!

abrowngirlgonegay said...

I thought I had been through some shit! I love that you've shared. I need a little inspiration. I have a major block right now...