Cubicle: The Musical, Part 1

I decided to have a little fun today so I will tell you about my day yesterday in the cube through pictures, music, and dance.... enjoy (blame the Hip Hop Honors...), the blog idea was inspired by The Goodie Bag )

Well it was one of those days not much to do in the cube. A slow day, nice! I can catch up on my blog reading and writing and I have a million things to tell Tiha via IM before my first meeting..... but just as i ease into my seemingly good day in steps the village office idiot. He has 21 questions and they all about me ... so in other words he is all in my business. Y'all already know my feelings on fraternization in the cube, so you know i don't just be chatting it up with just any-old-body. So I am thoroughly irritated.

Well little did this cat know that Naturally Alise is not in the mood to be messed with but he decides to keep pestering me anyway, like Jay-Z says, "It's like a full time job trying not kill ni**as. Got ready to be like Andre 3000 and Big Boi and drop bows on his head Bombs Over Baghdad.

My first impulse was to run up on him and do a Rambo.... but I thought about them bills and the economy, So instead, I chilled.... (skip to 0:30 of the video)

Couldn't let him get the best of me. Never that!

So I sat there politely and faked a smille as I daydreamed about my future office:

All of this before 10:00 am. this is going to be a long day. be continued......One love blog family!

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