Gross Incompetence is Gross

* I work at a print company and I will not hesitate to put an order in for one of these signs and hang it around the job. But then again they'd mess that order up. Le sigh.*

I interrupt this day of blogging to bring you a True Hollywood Raleigh/Durham Story via Ignant IM (I needed to vent) (There is a reason it is in Bold red 14 pt, font, read the IM to understand why....):

Alise: girl i am so mad i could spit
T 2U: which devil is at play today?
Alise: must be the real devil
Alise: just hot messes spilling over from yesterday
Alise: the end of the day yesterday I had to really chiggity check myself bc i was so mad

T 2U: do you feel like expounding, or should i wait awhile, till u simmer down
T 2U: ?
Alise: they fucked up.
Alise: got mad at me bc THEY fucked up.
Alise: [/story]
T 2U: gotcha
Alise: naw i gotta tell the whole thing with flavor...
Alise: lol
Alise: Picture this:
Alise: Chilly autumn afternoon at [Alise's job], Inc.
Alise: A gorgeous curly red-haired executive sends out 4 emails to all production departments in red, 14 point, bold, capital letters that says the following:
Alise: (similar to her hair: red and bold... hi-yo)
Alise: The same beautiful striking executive with flawless makeup and eye makeup precision to die for tells each production manager face to face (she is thourough and sh*t) about the issue with the checks and confirms that they did read the email.
Alise: The impecably coiffed stunner leaves for the day thinking everything was Peach E. Keen.
Alise: The glamorous account manager returns on Tuesday morning gracing the building with the sunshine that is her beauty. She resends the email and gets a read recipt that everyone received and even mentions this in passing to the wandering managers in the building
Alise: then at 4:30, a manager comes to Alise in Schleprock fashion, rain cloud and all, to ask "Are the checks still on hold?"
Alise: Alise holds back the snarkiness that is running through her brilliant mind....
Alise: and utters.... "uhhhhhhh, yeah"
Alise: Manager says, "Oh, we mailed them this morning..."
Alise: thunder rolls, waves crash, lightening strikes
Alise: that was how my day went
T 2U: dang!

That is all, had to get that off my bosom. Peace. Goodwill towards women. (Go read Tiha's blog right before this one. God bless good afternoon)

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Brother OMi said...

sounds like management has issues.
i understand...

Monicarol.Evans said...

Instead of signs, can I order a few (hundred) bumper stickers?

I'm just going to start plastering them on the foreheads of idiots.


Tiffany said...

girl you all are a serious writers. this is good stuff. get you a book deal.

eysqueen said...

@ tiffany, we trying