Leaders of the New School.....

One thing that I have found lacking in the cube that is just as lacking in the "real world" is original thought and trendsetting. I meet so many cookie-cutter cutouts, clones, robots, androids, the Borg, automatons, boring motherfuckers, and sheep. I don't want to fall into any of those descriptors. I want to be a trendsetter, a leader, and even more awesome than I currently am, dangit! (oh yes, that is possible, I know that is hard to believe.....) And leaving the cube within the next year (or less) is the only way I can be sure that I don't become a cog in the machine*. I really think the world is ready for an unfiltered, raw, fa├žade -free Alise, and even if they ain't here I come! Get ready! And while you get ready, read this convo and the video and have a fantabulous, wonderific, greatacular Friday!

*The machine makes me laugh because of this "Family Guy" quote:
Chris: All right Dad! Fight the machine!

Alise: ok, someone is about to catch hell off of some misdirected anger
Alise: about the hair thing
Alise: I am like people I only cut it
Alise: this feels like the same disguised hate when i started my locs
Alise: someone just caught an earful on messenger
Alise: well I guess that would be an eye-full, lol
T 2U: i'm afraid to ask: whatd they say?
Alise: Oh my god what have you done, blah blah blah
Alise: but kept on talking about it after the initial answer, I don’t mind people asking or talking about it, but I have had some people be mean about it
Alise: it don’t make me any less Alise
T 2U: eyes rolling hard
Alise: i hate people
T 2U: i told someone " its hair, not money, i don’t need to save it"
Alise: and this is from folks that ain’t talked to me in eons
T 2U: lol!
T 2U: so they really have no say
T 2U: its not easy being at the forefront of a movement
T2U: people love u for being a trend setter, then once they get on board they hate you for leaving
T 2U: but leaders of the new school can’t stay with the old school if they are true leaders
Alise: very good grasshopper.

"Sobb Story", Leaders of the New School (Hey Tiha they have one of your jeeps you love in the video! lol)

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Monk said...

"but leaders of the new school can’t stay with the old school if they are true leaders"

So simple, yet so deep

Gigi said...

I cut off my locks in December and they loved it at work. Too bad I didnt do it for them.

NaturallyAlise said...

@ monk i thought that was deeo and sh*t too, Tiha be saying some deep sh*t when we are just being silly, love it!

@gigi exactly, people must realize it is not all about them,by the way i am loving my curly afro!

eysqueen said...

@gigi thats whole other blog unto itself. after a coworker went on for 5 minutes about her thoughts on my cutting my locs, she ended it with "I know you dont care what I think about your hair". I wish all people were that insightful.