A Friendly Friday Roast....

*Let me infuse some positivity back into the blog with this video since Tiha aka The Moody Gremlin is on her furloughed Friday adventure and I have back control of the blog.

Okay, now to the negativity, lol..... Since Tiha is gone today I shall take this day to roast my good ol' buddy ol' pal... The many faces of Tiha, a retrospect in pictures:

*All week my partner in (c)rhyme has been Schleprock...

*Under normal circumstances she can usually pull off this act.

*But the cube has caused the real "gremlin in Gizmo's clothing" to pop out on the regular:

*She has been ranting and raving:

*Making faces at small children (well the people at her job who have brains of small children)

*And encouraging my conspiracy theories:

T 2U: they be monitoring what we type
T 2U: always watching , conspiracy
Alise: you know what else is a conspiracy?
Alise: those discount cards from the grocery store and other places
T 2U: i know where this is going
T 2U: but please continue
Alise: they have all your buying habits logged in a system
Alise: along with name
Alise: address
Alise: phone number
Alise: and demographics
T 2U: just great
Alise: then add to that library cards
Alise: myspace
Alise: blogger
Alise: and itunes (i just randomly threw that in, lol)
T 2U: they didn't have to tattoo the bar codes to us
simultaneously:T 2U: we carry them willingly on our key chains Alise: we carry them on our keychains
Alise: dang sick minds think alike
T 2U: dammit
T 2U: the brand new heavies be delivering the hits
T 2U: always
Alise: that was a random ass artist mention.... ???

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

*dude, i'm sitting right here... -tiha

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K to the... said...

LMAO @ the convo! That artist mention was indeed random.

NaturallyAlise said...

@ k
yeah we are random like that especially the Moody Gremlin, lol