Okay, Miss Tiha went and chopped all of her hair off, too.... and this conversation and poem were born:

T 2U :i have a swirling vent about hair
T 2U : about other people's attachment to my hair
Alise: ditto
Alise: "I am not my hair "
Alise: "But I am this foot up yo' ass "
Alise: that is my poem
Alise: thank you, thank you very much
Alise: jackson height's own Randy Watson
Alise: that girl is good!
T 2U : i so didnt get that song until now
T 2U : i'm going to etch out a few bars on it, cuz i gotta get this off my chest
Alise: word, i got some bars too
Alise: someone told me yesterday i could wear my hair short because I had "good hair", i almost vomitted on that person
T 2U : grittting teeth
Alise: dont do that, bc u r your teeth
T 2U : ha!
T 2U : ok aol radio decides it wants to play "i am not my hair"
T 2U : how cute
Alise: cosmic signals and shit

*this rant in no way signifies that we are some angry black women with conspiracy dreams...we were born angry dreamers.
We wrote a poem about it, wanna hear it, here it go.....

Ode to the short natural
I got face baby
but better than that
I got personality
I got a shine
to blind
your mind
to take away
offense and disgrace
I got words
for you birds
to carry to your nest
I got thoughts
tied into knots
for all those who forgot
I got confidence
in everything I do
and confidently I say to you
I got no hair for you to stare
but I got face
look at my grace
I got personality
that makes me gritty
I got shine
to illuminate your mind
and I got words
so now you’ve heard
and by the way I am not my hair
But I am this foot up yo' ass
I am no cookie cutter
But I will cut ya
Just like I cut my hair
So mind ya business,
I'm cute dammit.
-Tiha & Naturally Alise 2008

*Before, After, and "after-after" (perm, locs, short natural) .... all cute, all the same silly b*tch, all different states of hair, nuff said.......

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Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

YAYYY for the short natural. I LAHV eet!!!! Welcome to the TWA club.

NaturallyAlise said...

I have been in the club a few times in my lifetime, lucklily i got my membership card lamintated, so it is still intact :)

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

The last time I cut my hair short [before the Big Chop to go natural]was 14yrs ago and my [mean] grandma told me I looked like a boy. When I cut all my permed-straight hair off, I wore wigs and weaves till it got long again. Mean Grandmama scarred me! *tears* See what can happen when people say crazy stuff to young girls??

Gigi said...

I cut my locks off in Dec and I'm back in a relaxer. 4 years of dreads and now it's straight. When I'm 40 i'll cut it all off and just be nappy.

Moni~ said...

Alise and Tiha, now ya'll know everyone does not have the face to carry the short look. Don't be giving the uglies the idea that they to can cut off all their hair.

Only cute people need to apply.

Anonymous said...

Yay to the short natural. Now I'm only a slave to my barber...

NaturallyAlise said...

@Monica... good point!!!