Power? You Tripping!

Tiha: What are we gonna do tonight Alise?
Alise: The same thing we do every night, Tiha, try to take over the world.

Sometimes I have a moment that starts off bad at work that miraculously morphs into a great moment or epiphany or some sh*t. Well, I had reconfirmation of my arrogance greatness, and even got a little tipsy with power for a wrinkle in time. (You’ll see that in the IM at the end of the post). Hey at least I wasn’t drunk with spirits from Alise’s Liquor Incense and Sh*t Emporium (ALISE). *tee hee* All of this nonsense and Luvvie type of 'ignance' to bring up this random topic: What infuriating or comical examples of power tripping have you seen in the workplace?

We haven’t done an IM transcript in a hot minute!
10/7/08 – 10:20 am.

Alise: i am on a conference call........blahhhhhhhhhh
Alise: that i have to actually participate on
T 2U: so how you talking to me when you supposed to be listening to them?
Alise: i got skills
Alise: multi tasking bi-atch
Alise: multi-slacking
Alise: oh my god these people are so dumb, they have asked me 10 variations of the same f*cking question, geez louise
T 2U: you not telling them what they want to hear?
Alise: i am just giving them facts and figures
Alise: fucking [customer name omitted to protect the innocent guilty] are so unorganized
Alise: now i just f*cked them up and put a monkey wrench in their whole project by pointing out a huge detail they omitted!
Alise: NOW this is way too fun
Alise: i love the conference calls when i am the knowledge master!
Alise: obey me!
T 2U: lol, clearly drunk with power
T 2U: whats that like?
Alise: i wish it was liquor, but it aint a bad high
T2U: ha!

*Taking it back!" "The Power", Snap*

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eysqueen said...

oh no you didnt! lol that was my jam!

Gigi said...

It's getting.. it's getting ...it's getting kinda heavy. Bringing back memories.

NaturallyAlise said...

@gigi yep, we love good flashback, wait until you see tomorrow's video!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I love the IM convo! IMing totally rocks. You were a lil' extra saucy w/power, weren't you "knowledge master"?? LOL