I’ve had some real good conversations with a few former high school classmates. We went to a prep school that tried to mold us into future CEOs, doctors, and lawyers. Our futures were planned out for us, we were going to make a lot of money and rule the world. My parents made me go to this school, a school for the smartest brats in Boston, so that I would have a chance for a bright future, so that I could get the heck out of Boston and be somebody. I do not fault my parents for wanting the best for their lil genius. I don’t really fault anyone in this blog (just society, dammit.). So anyway, in talking with my classmates I found some…patterns worth noting.

One is an engineer that works on all kinds of systems, deep deep tech stuff. I asked him what he really wanted to do, if he could do anything. He said he wanted to be a songwriter and is going to take a music theories class :)

Another classmate received a degree in mechanical engineering and he currently lives in L.A. and is a banging photographer (www.williamspringfield.com).

Yet another classmate lives in Cali as well and is an actress.

Your’s truly is steeped in technology but is bubbling over with so much creativity its falling out all over the place, my memos sound like poetry, my signature looks like a Picasso cubism piece, my thoughts are movie trailers (yes I’m seriously patting myself on the back right now).

All of this right brained creativity had been bottled up to make way for left brained anarchy. I’m pointing the finger at society for suggesting that making a living with the right brain is not as honorable or profitable as using the left brain. I’m pointing 4 fingers back at myself for letting the adults in my life dictate my path and for not taking hold of my life when I was old enough to make it what I wanted it to be. I understand that people make decisions for us, with our best interests in mind, but that doesn’t mean those decisions are written in stone, or that we are helpless to make changes. I’ve spent 30 years strengthening both sides of my brain, ya girl is dangerous, and now its time to unleash it. Isn’t this election all about Change too? Yes we can! and yes, I can.

Let’s not be the killers of our own dreams.

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NaturallyAlise said...

"Let’s not be the killers of our own dreams."

Would that be dream suicide? Oooh, that has inspired a poem! Thanks T-Boogie!

ksolo said...

have u been reading my notebook i keep neatly tucked away in the bottom of my laptop bag?

totally echo the sentiment...and appreciate your expressing this point of view.


ur cubicle-dwelling comrade
a.k.a. ksolo