When I was a child I was a finicky eater, there wasn’t much I would eat outside of pizza and spaghetti. When I was commanded to eat my vegetables I would strategically divide them up and push them around on my plate in hopes of fooling the man (mom) into thinking I had eaten that one bite that could possibly save my life one day. No matter how much I separated those veggies, pushed them up next to the meat or made a really small pile in the corner of my plate, the man (mom) was never fooled. She knew no bites had been taken and that it was still the same pile of veggies, nothing subtracted, nothing changed, just dispersed a little.

While working for the state, I’ve seen my share of reorgs and restructuring, and I could swear they solved absolutely nothing. No, I take that back, the most they accomplished, outside of pissing people off and firing folks, is to make room for more unqualified, socially inept people to become managers. Yes that’s what reorg accomplishes. It just moves the pile of crap from on section to another, disperses the crap even further throughout the org and gives the illusion of something being done. And is anyone fooled? Certainly not I.

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NaturallyAlise said...

You are like a good writer ahd sh*t, lol.... I like the metaphor of the moving of the veggies, that was hot.

Monica said...

You still don't eat your veggies and you still ain't fooling nobody.

*giving you the side eye. I ain't fooled :-P