Ojos verdes...

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(Ojos verdes= green eyes in Spanish)
Well I have to work this wonderful Monday morning while Miss Tiha with her good gub'ment job is chilling or some sh*t. I ain't bitter/jealous/hating/IM lonely or anything like that. *pout*

Well my eyes are green because I eat a lot of vegetables, that's my story and I am sticking to it, let Erykah tell it:

Any-hoo, speaking of my irrational hating on Tiha jealousy, I wanted to touch on jealousy in the workplace. IS green your color? When the green-eyed monster strikes, there is no telling what you are capable of doing to the person you are envious of. Why do we get jealous? Is it a good thing? Can we successfully use our our jealous streak to strive to be better and, in the process, work harder to get whatever we want?

They Experts say that professional jealousy comes with the profession ... any profession. The basic problem we face with professional jealousy is the extent to which it affects our psyche and the influence it has on others. Normal jealously is acceptable. It is OK for you to feel envious about your peer’s success or promotion and how well she has done if you can say, “I am happy she’s made it. I hope it's my turn the next time.” But look at all the negative emotions that can come into play. Being jealous makes you unhappy. It makes you bitter, miserable and just like my coworkers, irrational. (A hater in a nutshell)

Professional jealousy is common in the workplace. It may happen in the best of environments, where people have planned career paths and yet many get intercepted or sabotaged without the opportunity to go up the ladder. When people get left behind, think of the reactions we see. (Crabs in a barrel basically) It does not matter where you work. You could be a smart, hardworking executive who is liked by the boss but are not popular with the rest of your peers. Or you could be an excellent leader, with the vision and ideas on how to get things done but you find people sabotaging your efforts. Can professional jealousy be managed? In mature corporate organizations, leaders of teams will tell you that it is possible. The remedy basically is that we should have “self-discipline,” pursue a high ideal in life and be devoted to the profession for its own sake, but picture that with a Kodak (side-eye).

So I ask y'all (Because I value your opinions, y'all family & sh*t!): When everyone is working for corporate success and some of us are not so lucky, how do we get over the envy we feel (or directed towards us) and move on to bettering ourselves?

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suga said...

I've never really experienced being jealous of anyone in the work place. Hmmmm....

But I must say "Green Eyes" is my 2nd fav E. Badu song, right behind "Orange Moon".

Sorry you have to work on Monday, sista!