*IM Alert* Random Thursday Soliloquies

*Please do not panic, no sheep coworkers were harmed in the writing of these IM's*

*We'll keep you awake entertained a little more than this, maybefor sure!.....*

Okay just because it is Random Thursday, I had to throw some utter foolishness on the blog, I'm silly, sue me...

Alise : did you catch my message yesterday about this damn computer screen of mine at work ?
Alise : on my screen here that banner i made for El looks like shit
Alise : but at home on the fancy shmancy laptop it looks all professional
Alise : it is a metaphor for this job
Alise : or analogy or some shit
Alise : so i think it is some subliminal symbolic silly shit telling my ass that @ home and and that beach picture will be my future office
Alise : (alliteration)
Alise (poets rock!)
T 2U : lol, ok!

and later at the Cube Factory...........

T 2U : they try to make me feel like i'm an idiot
T 2U : but i know i'm not stupid
T 2U : i totally understand why people do the bare minimum at work
T 2U : ok, one of the things that helps me de stress at work is watching stupid pet videos
T 2U : here is one: http://video.yahoo.com/network/100284668?v=3510825&l=3774740
Alise: LOL!

Bye y'all!!!!!!!

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