Cube inspiration upgrade.

Howdy Cubers and Cubernistas! Well after a pretty sucky day at work, and a sucky/sad day in real life yesterday, I decided I will kick off Thursday with inspiration and coolness. Because yesterday I was really on a Cypress Hill (...bc I Could Just Kill a Man) type of kick towards then end of the day. So, in the interest of not getting 25 to life, I figured I need something to lift my spirits. Then I thought of something I read in the Gettogetha blog a little while ago about making inspiration boards. Click the link, they are pretty cool. I think this is a great idea, and it will accomplish a few things:

  • Decorate the Cube cell and keep me out of a real cell.

  • Project! (I love projects as long as it's not of the housing variety)

  • Constant reminder of what I am trying to accomplish...

  • Since I am a visual alien/person/learner it will hit me harder than just saying my dreams out loud.

Here are a few pictures and things i may add to my board:

*Marc Marcel, one of the most hustling, getting it poet/spoken word artists out there, I really look up to this cat.*

*I want to at some point teach English*

*I want to hit mad stages, word!*

*I already am! (Had to plug myself a little bit)*

*I want to write lots of books. edit lots of books, read lots of books, be in books, you get the picture....* :)

*I told y'all before this is my dream office*

Y'all get the picture? I am going to make an acual board over the weekend and take pictures for you guys to see. So family, (that's how I think of our readers)what would go on your inspiration board?

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eysqueen said...

i heart marc marcel, he starts gesturing with them super long fingers and pokes you right on your brain. in another life, i had his luv child...*getting all dreamy and sh*t

NaturallyAlise said...

I remember how star struck we were when we we saw him that timeat zydeco's,lol.... it felt good to know i got to touch the same stage as that cat....