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As I muddle through my day to day hamster wheel of an existence, I begin to reflect on how the heck I ended up here, what I have learned, and what things I will NOT repeat in the future. One of the things I think about are my previous bosses and how much they pissed me off, or enlightened me and if race or gender had anything to do with it.

The White Male Boss (yeah I put him first, get over it): My experiences with this boss have mostly been good. Whether they were my age or older, they pretty much treated me well. They were very straight forward with me, and I never had to wonder about them taking something I said or did personally and vice versa. They have also always been available for references. I give these guys a Thumbs up.

The Black Male Boss: My experiences with this boss have been mostly positive as well. These guys have taken on a mentor, father, big brother figure with me in most (not all, totally excluding my most recent experience), instances. They have taken me under their wing, shown me more than I ever wanted to know about the job, encouraged me, inspired me and most of all believed in me when I was suffering from a serious case of self doubt. Getting misty eyed just thinking about them. I’m still cool with these guys, and they are always around for a reference. I give these guys a super Thumbs up.

The Black Female Boss: I must say that with this group, I cant think of one negative experience I’ve had with them. I hear a lot about friction and fighting in the workplace with my associates and their bosses, but I haven’t had such an experience. The black women I’ve worked for have all been cool. They immediately, almost jumping out of their seats couldn’t wait to mold me into little versions of themselves, and since I admired them and really strived to be a professional in my field, as they were, I absorbed EVERYTHING they had to teach me. Even the ones I didn’t work directly for were always looking out for me. Fixed my clothes when I showed up looking raggedy, gave me motherly advice when I wanted to put the smackdown on a coworker or other higher up. I give these gals a Thumbs up.

The Young White Female Boss: I’ve had a few of these, and most were cool. Most of the time it turned into a partnership, “lets not F-up together” and it worked out well. Thumbs up.

The Older White Female Boss (yes I’ve saved the rant for last): EVERY experience I’ve had with this type of boss, from an entry level position, to a professional position (degree in hand), has been a serious problem. Working for older white women has seriously jaded how I deal with them as a whole. These women have made it their mission, for whatever reason, to cause me such anguish that I’ve had to seek counseling. I’m going to sound real paranoid, but I don’t care, they have it out for me. I cant even begin to describe some of the petty and reputation destroying things these women have done to me. They take things real personal, then try to passive aggressively get back at me. I’ve been cussed out for something real simple like not eating lunch with them. I think the main problem as that I see through their fake ass exterior, that whole smile in your face bull crap that I don’t have time for. I do not react to their syrupy sweet approach to placating me, I’m only there to do my job, I could care less about your personal crises. I refuse to kiss up to a dumb ass, and once I’ve discovered you’re an idiot, I tend to not listen, in a respectful manner of course, to the stupid shit you say and do my job as it is supposed to be done. I don’t even wave the “I told you so” flag when they mess something up and I have to go back and fix it, working overtime and all that. I just do, because that’s my job. And still they give me grief. My partner can cosign on my trials and tribulations with this kind of boss, she’s been just an IM away from one incident to the next. This boss gets a SUPER Thumbs down.

So what does all this mean as far as race and gender in the workplace? Beats me, all I know is what I’ve seen, patterns and circumstances. Men like attractive women, so I get mild bullshit from them. I’d work for a man anytime ;) Women who lack in confidence are easily intimidated. Make no mistake, I’m about the biz when I go to work and I’m dedicated and I actually give a shit about what I do, so I can see how that kind of focus can be intimidating. In conclusion, the kid really needs to work for herself.

What are some of your experiences with race and gender in the workplace?

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Reese said...

i echo ur sentiment for a few of these but ill be honest, i have had some BAD times with having black male bosses, its kinda like if they are close to my age they feel it to be a competition of sorts and have done little underhanded shit to me and i never wanted their job, just to do a good one from my position.

and having an older white woman for a boss has been a crapshoot for me as well, i had one boss who was a COMPLETE idiot and wanted to make me her assistant. I had to tell her I am your subordinate not ur assistant, i mean this chick couldnt even retrieve her own email, and had the nerve to be a micromanaging ass! it was not a good look.

on the flip side i had a older white woman for a boss who was mad cool. It may or may not been the fact that she had cougar tendancies that she was really nice to me but she looked out, was always on top of her stuff and gave me good assignments and responsibilities (spelling lol) and even gave me a great rec letter when i moved on.
so its hard to call. with all the other groups mentioned it was a breeze

eysqueen said...

yeah i can see black guys trying to punk you on the job. i'm going to need bosses to lighten up and get over themselves.

NaturallyAlise said...

I have had cool bosses of your thumbs up portion, usually no issues with any of them, BUT the older white woman has been a crap shoot. The one I have now is great. But the BITCH (whose job I have now,*brushing off shoulders*)was the devil incarnate, she felt so threatened (and I guess justifiably so, lol)and worried about the srong stuff, micromanagement was the nail in her coffin, she was so worried about what I was doing that she fell off on HER job.... but y'all don't hear em though she really was the devil, I think the horns were hidden by her poofy bad hair...

Anonymous said...

I have only worked for white women in professional settings and I have never had a personal problem with them. (maybe 'cause I'm always the first to tell them that I don't want their jobs). I'm aiming over their heads. LOL

White women make up the majority of my mentors, basically grooming me to be their bosses. (remember and be nice to us, lil' black girl, hee hee)

In the restaurant business, I worked with men and women. The women always tried to look tougher than the men, so they were the WORSE hard asses. And the men were cool.

Of course, whenever women and men coexist, (at least with me) the relationship, professional or not, is a little flirty, a little giggly, and a little bit of "let me show you what a big strong man I am".

They take my eye rolls for winking...