Poetry Wednesday: Project:Roam

OK, today me and T-Boogie have no blog in us, but we want to shout out our favorite soon to be wandering poet, who is embarking on a fabulous voyage tomorrow. So visit his site Project:Roam, and check out his awesome project and subscribe or follow the blog to be part of something great. Here is his latest poem below... We'll back tomorrow for Random Thursday and sh*t!!!

Where's the revolution?

ask us

First generation to be worst off than their parents

financially, the corporate and social ladder pulled up from above

Lower rungs made slippery with a mixture of oil and blood

Too abstract? How this

We enter the workforce with more debt on our backs

than we can ever pay back

You have to pay for power

Power comes from knowledge

You have to win the Power Ball to afford college

Power to the people!


Brown Vs. Board didn't abolish separate but equal

You go to school in your district

which is populate with your kind of people

How many billionaires live in your hood?

How many kids with a choice go to public instead of private schools

Poor people try to separate by race but their all equal

Middle class separates by gates but are all equal

Rich people separate by their money's dates but are all evil, equal

But between those 3 lines

there is no equal

Power lines don't just direct current - see

They separate people

-Elliot Axiom

3 comment(s) thus far...:

eysqueen said...

El, u make me moist when u talk about revolution...

*sitting on hand to keep from raising black power fist*

J.R. Bernard said...

Very good poet. I figured I'd add a shameless plug for my fraternity brother (who is also my neo). I've been to many of his performances, and he does stereo poetry with his partner in crime as well.


The Website is a bit dated, but it is what it is. I'll be sure to put him on to this fellow (if he hasn't already been following his work).

and 'wow' @ eysqueen

NaturallyAlise said...

word... I checked the site also here is some youtube videos of abunch of performances if you may be interested and maybe could pass along as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/elliotaxiom - definitely check out the piece "Bury Me at Midnight"