Dream Killers: wanted dead or alive.

*Sometimes they are hard to point out, lol*

They have so many names: dream killers, haters, hecklers, Debbie downers, doubters, misanthropes, personally I like punk bitches, but I digress I suppose.... Those folks that rain on your parade at every chance, the ones you want to "throat punch" (shouts to mis-t-lee over at vsb.com). When discussing topics such as yesterday's inspiration boards, they say that the idea is corny. You say you are going back to school, they tell you all the cons instead of pointing the obvious plethora of pros. they tell you that you are dreaming too big and say shit like you can't make a living being a spoken word poet instead of putting their head together with yours to plan a grand hustle to make it work.

I really hate giving them air time, but the point of even mentioning these scums of the Earth people is to warn you to be careful of these characters. They are sneaky little punks that blend in with their surroundings, hating chameleons if you will, but talk about something positive going on in your life and they reveal themselves. I implore all of you to remove these people from your life as soon as you detect their depressing, low self-esteem having selves, because they are very contagious, and that is not the nasty woman's disease that you want to get, ya dig?... if they are family, just don't discuss your plans to them, just let their green-eyed a$$es gaze at you when you really blow up, that is the best defense. word.is.bond. check out what MC Lyte has to say below (you know we do it old school on Friday):

*Anything those dream killers say is paper thin..... just chit-chatter*

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eysqueen said...

*cleaning off the AK
where they at?

miss t-lee said...

Serve up them dream killers a cold glass of STFU and a throat punch!!! :)

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I am definitely surrounded by one at work. I told her the other day, she needs to spend more time worrying about doing her own job, then trying to find fault in my work.

J. Rush said...

Dream Killers are the worse. I figured out that the reason they hate is because they are unhappy with themselves. I gotta try out the throat punch!

NaturallyAlise said...

@FBC - yes! and not realizing how much easier her life would be if she would just worry about her own sh*t, geez!

@j. rush - the throat punch is effective but don't mention my name when the cops show up, lol