The Why and Where.......

If it only were that easy. (Guess I should get the ruby red slippers out of layaway at CitiTrends and try some Dorothy type tactics, *shrug*...) Before I lay out the plan for Operation Shawshank to escape the cubicle life, I guess we need to talk about why and where we want to go. Don't want to trade one Hell for another, nah mean??!! As Agent #0220 (Tiha) reported last week, it is getting thick up in the cube, the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum, and in Agent Java-lin's (me) cell cube they have started tearing down the padding on the wall and throwing at each other, it is real in the field.... So for our safety's sake we have got to get out and quickly. But on the real all jokes aside we are creatively stunted. The Cubicle Crusaders are artists at heart (and hand) who have doubted and second-guessed our abilities for years, which is part of how we got caught up in the corporate Hell of middle management and desk jobs, something went wrong along the way, but we can turn it around, we are still fairly young and still passionate and have a strong support of each other (gotta hold on to friends that encourage you, they are the first rung in the ladder to climb out of the deep hole of ...... ummm of anything, dangit...):

Alise: yeah, I really need to stop trying to compare myself to *Marc Marcel and shit
Alise: I always compare myself to folks that are apples to my oranges
T 2U: that's why we need each other
T 2U: people we trust to keep it real
T 2U: because you cant be marc marcel, only he can, and u gotta be naturally alise
T 2U: different from the rest
T 2U: but still the best
Alise: awww shucks
Alise: yeah i get so caught up in hero* worship sometimes that I forget to be my own hero
Alise: *heroes in the artistic sense
T 2U:
"tortured by her greatness, but grateful to have something that makes her special. and if the result is miscomprehension, then she'll take her's on the side next to her genius. because the only applause she really needs comes from within"
T 2U: by me , lol
T 2U: need to listen to myself
Alise: yup, you really should
*Marc Marcel: one of the Cubicle Crusaders 'favoritest' poets ever...

So once we get over these humps of doubt then we can get to the Mecca (not ATL, sigh...) for creative people and that is: Self Management i.e. entrepreneurship, see chart below:
*Destination. Self Management or Bust a Negro upside the head!

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suga said...

suga is definitely feelin' ya'll.

I'm looking for a new job right now and I havent been able to find anything for months, mainly because I don't want to do the same 'ol same 'ol. I pine for the which hopefully will include me waking up at noon, lounging in my sweats, taking long walks, drinking milkshakes, and writing until 3 in the morning, while preparing for book signings, or spending days preparing for theatre productions.

The soul of an artist is so conflicted because its hard to get your feet wet...sometimes we dont even know HOW to get our feet wet. The best way is to step out on faith. Good luck ladies!!

eysqueen said...

you just described my future life! plus some lactase for the milkshakes. i beleive that is the new corporate dream! i can't even remember why i thought having a corner office in a tall building downtown was supposed to make me happy...must've been watching too much Boomerang (damn you Eddie, Robin, and Halle).

Butta Bean said...

I need to tape that chart up with the rest of my anti-office paraphernalia. Consider it stolen!