Poetry (Kinda) Wednesday: Cube Flu

Negrobola. Foot in Hoof & Mouth Disease. KIDS. Cube Flu. Something will get ya.
You ever say something like, "This job makes me sick!"? Well, I am beginning to think that my job really does make me ill, I know I am the illest chick on the planet, but I'm not talking about that kind of ill, (See, the job has me delusional!) This is a conversation that we are trying to evolve into a poem or something, so you can see the process (or lack thereof) that we go through to write our ridiculous poems and blogs. So here ya go party people!

Alise: You got any sick days left?
T 2U: naw, you know we stay sick
T 2U: and currently i'm sick again, and my coworker say she got the same symptoms i got
T 2U: the cube bug

Alise: that is about as deadly as the daycare bug
T 2U: lol
T 2U: nasuea-from seeing stupid shit
T 2U: headache-from processing stupid shit
T 2U: chills/fever- from budget cutting the thermastat

Alise: carpal tunnel from imaginary & real bitch slapping
T 2U: lol
T 2U: sounds bout right

Alise: no, your headache came from banging your head against the wall and mine from hitting the ceiling at my job
T 2U: ha!! Cube Flu!
Alise:that would make a good poem....
T2U: word!
Alise: ...we need some more symptoms
T 2U: coughing undigested BS
T 2U: alergic to BS- sneezing
T 2U: vertigo- seperation of logic and common sense from actions has created a topsy-turvy world

Alise: i like the vertigo line, that's hot!
Alise: Ignorance makes me itch
T 2U: rashes and shit
Alise: hee hee....

Yeah, we got issues, we know this, but y'all reading it so y'all are just as crazy! Thanks for reading, we appreciate it!

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Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

LMAO!!! Ohmigosh this made me cackle. A lot!!