Stupid Groundhog...

I am sure everyone has seen the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day", where he lives the same day over and over and over and over....... Well that is my life. Day after day I come to the Cube Factory and repeat processes (some that I have created, damn me and my efficiency). Here is my day: wash. rinse. repeat. Riveting isn't it. Please don't pass out from all the excitement, I can barely contain myself. Le sigh...... As much as I complain on this blog about people messing up or folks irritating me, I actually think I subconsciously love it. Why, you nosy people may ask? It breaks the monotony. No wonder people thrive off of drama, gossip, and general assholery at work, because they are bored as hell. Routine and order is all good, but jobs really need to insert some sort of fun or something interesting into the day every now and again. What are some things that you wish management would do to spice up your work day? They can be real suggestions of facetious fun... I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter, and I am sure that would entertain me for the day, help a sista out!

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eysqueen said...

oo oo can I go, can I speak now? I hav a few suggestions.
1) How about management let me do my job every once in awhile :) my creative spirit loves brainstorming sessions with the coworkers, I'd like to do that more.

2) at my old job we instituted DS time. about 6 of us brought our DS Lites to work and played during our 15 min breaks at 10am and at 3pm. we had tournaments, betting, it was great!

3) ping pong tables and video games