Operation Shawshank: Phase 1.0

*My dream office... hey I'm shooting high, don't judge me, inspire me dammit!*

Well I have finally gotten past the stage where I'm telling myself "I don't believe you, you need more people" (shouts to Jay-Z), first off, I have more people, I have been readng some great blogs lately and talking to some folks who have really inspired me or reaffirmed my goals. I finally feel like I am not the only cubester/indentured servant that wants something different, something more, and freedom papers (I'll take the ones with the dead president's on them please and thank you....) Please don't tell my massa supervisor I am all inspired and hopeful, I am sure they'll find a way to dash all of that, you see what happened when they found out I could read and write.... I jest. So basically Phase 1.0 of Operation Shawhank is Mission Positive Propaganda -(Mission P-squared, fancy huh?). This includes finding as many oppurtunities to gain positive, inspirational, and motivational energy. Gotta stay up so Agent Complacency and Commander Status Quo cannot infiltrate our lives once again (and those are some mean spiteful bastards). So my other Cubicle Crusaders and escapees ,especially, what are some great blogs, books, songs, events, or anything that you can suggest to help us out with Mission P-Squared? (My life depends on it.... and that's real talk)

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Angela said...
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Ange said...

I am going through some life monotony and it's just driving me crazy. A while back I created a list of goals I'd like to achieve (or give it one hell of a try :D) in the next three years. I was making up every excuse why I should start tackling them tomorrow instead of today. I have just taken on a new attitude and am living my now. I am reading my Bible more, in hopes to become spiritually centered. Working out and making better eating choices. (I might as well be fly when I arrive at my destination.) Lastly, I am just trying to be a more positive person. This includes complaining less and helping more. It's working so far.... I'm not quite sure what's in store, but I am going to be ready for it.

NaturallyAlise said...

"I might as well be fly when I arrive at my destination"

Yes, I concur, that may be my new mantra!