I’ve had the splendid opportunity to spend the week in professional development training. Which is ironic (someone please hit me with the iron already) because that’s what I do for a living, I even have a paper that says I can do it too. So I’m in a professional development class looking at it from a different perspective, but as you already know putting lipstick on stupid sh*t only makes its lips look pretty- some pretty stupid sh*t. This class is neither professional nor developmental. It is a supreme waste of time, especially since half of the participants have said that they attended a 6 day training workshop that covered many of the same topics…I have to keep this post short because I’m due back to class any minute now. At least I get to get away from the lunatics for awhile and get to hang out with my fellow soldiers in the trenches…

Until next time, keeping my head down, my mouth shut, and my stress relief ball close!

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