I Missed the Memo: Hotlanta, not whats hot

* But is it???

Apparently I missed the memo about Atlanta no longer being hot for young black professionals. Maybe it was urban legend, maybe the lines of communication have been tied in knots, I don’t know, but once upon a time it was rumored that if you were young and black and wanted to be a professional, you went to Atlanta. Atlanta was the mecca for the EBP, you could be anything you wanted to be in Oz, I mean Atlanta. So while following dreams and rainbows and all of the things that go bling, I relocated to the A. A-town stay down!
Now I will say that I did find this town filled to the brim with the young and educated. Oh yes, they are here, as well as the uneducated and just plain ignorant. All of us are here, snug as a bug in a rug. How fabulous it all is, until I got over it.
So what happened to the memo I mentioned before? Ah yes the memo that I missed, I must’ve been partying or being someplace in the total opposite direction of my focus. Anyway, the memo read that “we (young black professionals) can have it all in almost any city, not just Atlanta, so let’s step outside of our comfort box and be prosperous, elsewhere.”


So I’ve whipped out my map of the United States and began throwing darts to decide where to go next….

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NaturallyAlise said...

Let's go West!

lifeinthemiddlelane said...

Onward and westward.....

OH, Tiha, sorry about that memo. Luckily, someone let me in on that little secret.

And my summer foray in the A (while it was loads of fun) it also was enough for me.

Reese Johnson said...

chicago perhaps?

NaturallyAlise said...

Chicago, That may have to go on the shortlist... word.

suga said...

Yeah, I'm heading to Houston next year...I hope. I did have my heart set on Atlanta for a long time and then I realized that EVERYBODY is/was going there. Do I really want to go where EVERYBODY else is? Nope. I wanna be different...like Solange and ish.