Poetry Wednesday: Box Deez

T 2U: today is colab poetry day isnt it?
Alise: yes
T 2U: yay and we did it
T 2U: *clapping like a 3 year old
Alise: blog coming shortly
T 2U: *doing the cabbage patch

How do I think outside of the box
While trapped in a box
Boxing with stupidity
Bobbing and weaving
Weaving a web of complacency
Webs trapping my creativity
(Imaginanation furloughed)
creativity compartamentalized to fit what has always been done
...and as long as you do what has always been done,
You'll always Meet expectation
To Exceed expectaion you may have to work as a team,
but team work means to talk to one another
and you know there is no "socializing" on company time
so teamworks flies out the window,
with your creativity of course,
and individualism is rewarded by fake ass certificates of achievement
always achieving what is expected of you
and meeting expectation

So Box deez....... lol

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Gloriyah said...

unfortunately it's not only work.

I can remember designing an HVAC system for one of my classes and rather than putting the ducts down a designated space, I removed the space and put them somewhere else!!!

Thought it might create a better space.

Teacher gave me a D, told me it would be too expensive and I got stubborn and didn't want to move it because we hadn't been given a budget to work with!

They start early!