*Triple Threat*

You may think Alise and Tiha are dorks, maybe even weirdos nerds... but we ain't even mad at ya. You know why??? Because brains are sexy, at least that's what I've been told a time or twelve two(*brushing off shoulders*). Today, I will present an interesting convo that led to the topic of sexy minds and what not, a short and sweet poem written by Tiha, and an oldie but goodie piece of mine that touches on sexy mind type of activities. Please enjoy, tell us what you think and sh*t....

T 2U: do you know what grinds my gears?
T 2U: when people cant do something and they think no one else can either
T 2U: i.e. some people are not tech savvy, i am-i have the gift of being able to read user manuals and understand because my brain is half code friendly
T 2U: but because the people cant get it, they think i don't have the capacity to get it either
T 2U: i don't know what that kind of thought is called, but it really grinds my gears
T 2U: i think its a generational thing
T 2U: i know if a gen x says they can use any computer application, they really can
T 2U: i need to be a manager
T 2U: shit
Alise: tell me how u really feel though, lol
Alise: I totally understand your dilemma
T 2U: damn boomers
T 2U: i swear i'm not great in my own mind, my own mind just happens to be great
T 2U: blog about that chick
Alise: hee hee!
Alise: sounds like the beginnings of a lovely poem
T 2U: sounds like an ego tripping poem
T 2U: but not about looks, about smarts

Tiha's masterpiece of minimalism, lol

i swear i'm not great in my own mind,
my own mind just happens to be great
my brain is soooooo sexy
all gray and goowey
oozing sense and sensibility
sensual thoughts verbalized as creative ideas
genuis bottled as grey matter
matter of factly packaged for success

Oldie but goodie (Click to hear the audio) ... it is a bit more sensual, but mindsexy nonetheless, and it is my blog I can post what I want and I think you will enjoy it. *wink*

“The Dictionary is Our Kama Sutra”

Please refer to me as a sexy nerd....
Attracted to the utterances of the likeminded .....
I am enchanted by creative expression
... simply said words turn me on...
The foreplay of your witty banter nibbles on my ears...
Arousing me with adjectives
.....seducing with syllables,
Don't get me wrong: I do enjoy the emotions in your hearts ocean,
but best believe the size of your word power matters...
You penetrate me intellectually ,
And my mind wraps around you.
Expressing yourself in positions I never imagined.
The dictionary is our kama sutra.
Poetry is our candlelight.
You illuminate the deepest caverns of my mind.
Conversation is our bedroom .....
I am not intimidated by intelligence,
In fact I want to be immersed in it,
Inundated until I explode....
I scream out analogies and idioms...
I pulsate with multiple eargasms
And after you cuddle me new concepts...
Lightly stroke my face with similes
Protecting me in the arms of your prose...
And we slowly slip into a small talk slumber.......

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Elliot Axiom said...

She understood that
The strength of my climax
Was in positive proportions
To the depth of her intellect...