Inspire deez....

If it wasn't for prison and other unsavory locales I would be a murderous bitch !!!!

OK, today is a stray away from the inspiration filled Love-fest (gag) we have had all week, let us just say yesterday was the worst day at work release my job that I have had in a loooooooong time. I feel like I am working with children, but that is a hurtful statement to children everywhere (and Marty Mart love da kids) , so lets just say I work with idiots... and not of the savant variety... I gave a supervisor and her department SIMPLE and THOROUGH directions to complete a job for my account that I manage, and not only did they not follow the directions but did the polar opposite of what I directed... So simply put, I handheld a project and they still found a way to fuck it up ROYALLY (well wouldn't it be court-jesterly or T-Painly since they are fools, but I digress), and leading me to extra work such as incident reports, ass kissing my client, and correcting the mistake.... and that cuts into my blogging time, and you know how much that irritates me.... OH, but that is not even the end of the story, then we have a "town hall meeting" style of meeting bullshit thingy this afternoon, where the CEO bestows all this praise to the department and supervisor who are the department that fuc... messed up my job today, so I am just boiling at this point, but because of the nature of the meeting I have to keep the fake perma-grin Colgate commercial action.... The sheep costume is getting more threadbare by the day, I am teetering on insanity and may join in with the lunatics soon... BUT since this week has been all about the music and inspiration I will at least stay true somewhat and I'll give you my: pissed off, irritated, can't take no more, negro please, get a clue, 'bout to go postal (*my company prints, inserts, & sends out mail, lol), ack a fool, gets to steppin', yah trick, cut a bitch, pulling out my hair, smack yo mama playlist..... What are some songs you think would fit in with the theme? I'm always looking for additions and distractions to keep me from jumping off the ledge (even though my job is in a one-story building anyway, lol)... I ain't even religious, but pray for me y'all!

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