*Warning, this post is just silly for no reason , it is Friday Cube Sabbath , so sue me*

Well, at my part-time job, where I am an Hourly Wage Warrior there are all types of juicy drama. So I'll tell you a little bit about it, a little gossip , so everyone come gather around the water cooler.... I am gonna tell you the gossip through a convo from yesterday with my partner in (C)rhyme T-Boogie: (Also, two videos today, enjoy!)

"Rumors" by Timex Social Club

Alise: my manager at CVS quit... did I already tell u that?
T 2U: no, dang what happened
Alise: I don't know exactly, but it was all the buzz last night at work
Alise: he was a nice but socially awkward black man
Alise: he was one of those folks that repeatedly said "You see what I'm saying"
Alise: ummmmm, no, but I can HEAR you, please & thank you
Alise: if he worked here at the Cube Factory I'd probably be his manager !
T 2U: sounds like a classy guy
Alise: he just one of those burned out retail-manager dudes that can't believe at 45 this is where his life is.
Alise: Up and quit with no notice

T 2U: dang!
T 2U: I DO NOT want to be like that
Alise: I think he was about to get fired anyway...
Alise: he got a wife and 2 kids
Alise: side story: him and his wife used to get marriage counseling by my old boss at the psychologist's office, he don't remember my face though, but I forgets no one!

T2U: Wow!
Alise: yeah I gotta move, and soon, the Triangle is way too small...

The video below is for my homie-manager-friend who is no longer with us.... let's have a moment of boisterous laughter silence...... CVS will never be the same......

"Pour Out a Little Liquor" 2Pac

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suga said...

"Alise: if he worked here at the Cube Factory I'd probably be his manager!"

Sadly, I work with managers like that at my pt job as well. lmao

The drama there: well apparently a book seller took one of the hand held devices that they use to scan books while shelving, and threw it at a manager the other day. My mouth was wide open when the manager told me how she was so upset that the guy didnt get fired...he just got written up. She neglected to tell me WHO did it though. lmao. Oh and i'm still dealing with the security guard whose sexual harrassment has yet to cease.

NaturallyAlise said...

daaaaaaaaang! Part-time jobs always have the silliest most entertaining drama! When I worked on weekends at Breugger's Bagels the two white girls got to fighting over the manager (they were both sleeping with apparently) during the morning rush and got to slinging cream cheese and er'thing... and the next weekend when I went back they all still had their jobs and all were chatting like it had never happened... CraZY!

Eb the Celeb said...

thx for the classic Pac joint... I'm nodding extra hard with my 2 fingers in the air