Random Thursday... is it really random???

*Coincidence? I think not.....Cue the Twilight Zone music....*

So check this out, I swear the universe* talks to us. What language does it speak you nosy people may ask? It speaks Mandarin in coincidences. I know, you are wondering what the heck is this chick talking about, has the cubicle totally turned her into a raving lunatic, well it has but right now I am semi-lucid . Over the past few months things that I brushed off as coincidence, after further analysis, I have realized were so much more. Sometimes jsut small things, sometimes much greater. for example (of a small thing), My partner in (c)rhyme and I had the following IM chat:

T2U: since we are all inspired and sh*t, shouldnt the colors on the blog be a little more inspirational?
Alise: you have a point there grashopper
And about an hour later I go to a blog by The Comeback Girl entitled: "Feng Shui: “Let The Sunshine In”", and in one paragraph of her blog she discusses a little blog feng shui:

There’s even been one or two blogs that I’d like to Feng Shui with just a little light.The ones with the all black background......

Now she was by no means talking about me, but it struck a nerve because I was JUST talking about that. (And it will be a fun project for Tiha and I, we love projects**) And that sort of thing has been happening over and over again lately. Each time it happens it is related to something inspirational, related to my art, or related to escaping this cubicle... that's a trifecta I 'm not mad about at all. Nah mean? And speaking of sunshine here is a video about sunshine and sh*t...lol (I'm taking babysteps, don't judge me...):

"Sunshine" by Coko of SWV

*insert God, conscience, little people riding unicorns, multiple personalities, or whatever speaks to you.
**And by the way, we will be changing up the theme/color/banner of the blog soon, the Cubicle Crusaders are in the lab.... stick around!

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I love Coko (pre and post Jesus)

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