Red Flags and Relationships

*PSA from Naturally Alise: Red flags even pop up in what seems like paradise, so we don't pay attention, but sometimes you have to grab the white flag and cut somebody your losses.*

Often in a group of friends we sit around and listen to everyone’s progress report of their dating lives. We share our experiences in an effort to get a cosign on our asinine behaviors. Every so often someone will tell a story riddled with red flags. The friends start to make mental bets as to how long the dating/relationship will last, and once the storyteller is gone, they start to anti up. As outsiders looking in, of course we can spot a red flag a mile away, its not so easy when you’re in the thick of it, but its not impossible either. Your friends may warn you, may point out the red flags to you, and you probably wont listen, I mean a big part of living is making mistakes right? (sarcasm)
Anywho, to bring this theme back to the cube, when we see things on the job with our employer that are kind of suspect, what do we do? Can we just walk away from the job red flag warnings? Can we work with the red flags, as we do with doomed-from-the-start-relationships, in hopes that things will change, just for us? Do we allow our friends to pass the pot, ante up, on the length of time for a doomed job, and then take that pot to finance our unemployment?

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NaturallyAlise said...

Well, I think the job red flags often get overlooked just like relationships because we feel like we can change the CORE of someone/thing and you just can't. For example, if you enter a company that is very unorganized in all aspects then that WILL NOT change unless you are going in at a capacity that will allow for that kind of change. Eventually, the disorganiztion will eat at you and will effect you in some way mentally and financially(disorganized companies tend to at some point fuck your check up or something basic like that). So, I now know to look for those things, but like a bad relationship or a bad string of them eventually you learn, and if you don't then whatever happens to you is your own fault.