When Inspiration Kicks You in the Face

T 2U: i want to tell a story
Alise: well tell a story gizmo
Alise: dammit
Alise: lol

T 2U: just for that, i will, dammit
T 2U: where is that microsoft Word icon.......
Alise: on your forehead
Alise: I'll double click it with my fist

T 2U: click deez
Because I talk a lot of stuff about what I want to do, but can never find the motivation to get it done, I keep people around me who dish out tough love like raindrops during hurricane season. I need this kind of (kick in the pants) encouragement to get me going. With this said, I've been trying to write my great american novel, but can't seem to get started, so I need to practice writing, just for the heck of it. So below is the beginnings of a story that I would like to grow. (thanks alise)

The Bankers Box
Once upon a time in a land as hot as the fiery pits of hell, with cockroaches (waterbugs) the size of kittens, lived a little black girl. Her height, just short of the model cut off, build slight, with an ever lingering pouch around her midsection, a place to hold her stress, and hair locked as a symbol of her freedom from the chemical lie. This little black girl had escaped to the pits of hell, running from a trap that placed her so tightly in a box that she’d just about forgotten how tall she really stood. The little black girl was looking for a way out, to a place far away from the box, a place that at that time would be, just had to be, better than the cramped bankers box she had been residing in. She craved excitement, invigorating adventures, reckless abandonment and maybe a little something to appeal to her darker yearnings. What better place than hell? She had heard rent was cheaper down there, and everyone was the complexion of the sugary sweetness found in a Russell Stover’s chocolate candy box. Yes this was the place for her, hot and heavy and oh so different from where she had been. She broke out of her box, leaving no forwarding address, informing no one, and burned up the road to her next destination…

To be continued in: The Land of Hot and Heavy

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Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

I support this piece. I really like the description of her hair and hieght. It's rather unique but gets the point across well.

NaturallyAlise said...

Thanks for stopping by to check out our creative efforts... more to come.