The other night as I made my way to one of my favorite soul food restaurant for dinner (this sista doesn’t cook), I had the chance to make small talk with another patron as we waited for our to go orders. Let me start off by saying I hate small talk and I hate politics. I’d rather say a few words that mean something than to fill up silence with an onslaught of nonsense, but that’s a blog for another time. As we waited for our food, the television was set to an all news network where they flashed images from the Klan Rally RNC/GOP. This prompted the older man I was sitting near to go into his opinion of everything politics. I noticed immediately that this guy sounded like someone who still lives in a shotgun house on the fringes of massa’s plantation. I had to plug my deep south babel fish translator into my right ear to decipher his strong country accent (ooops my Yankee is showing). Anywho on and on he goes about how silly so and so’s decision was but how glad he was that so and so did that so that his favored candidate would look better. The most prolific thing he said during his butchering of the English language was to “go register to vote, tell everyone to vote!”

At this point, in the year 2008, I’m going to go out on a limb to say the following. We cant save everyone, if your black ass hasn’t gotten your voting ticket by now, and you are able to vote (all felons are excused, we know how sticky the laws are concerning your rights to vote), then you have spoke louder than any of us ever could by saying you wish to remain silent and have your decisions be made for you. And its funny because the most ignant folks, will be the loudest folks in the crowd, but will be the first folks to do absolutely NOTHING when it really counts. But what does this have to do with small talk and politics? Nothing. Let me get back on track.

So this occurrence of small talk about politics happens all the time, and I’m sure it’ll happen more the closer we get to the election, but I don’t have to like it.

PSA from Naturally Alise: Politics in the cube is not hot on the boulevard either. Thanks for your support.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your Yankee is showing. Down here in the South, you gonna need to tuck that back in :-)

I understand how it can be frustrating for someone that hates people *said tongue in cheek, and politics to constantly hear it talked and blogged about.

I, on the other hand, am glad that none of us can hide from the 2008 campaign season. Americans, for too long have mostly let politics happen to them, with around 30% of registered voters ever making it to a precinct line.

Hopefully the trickery/stratigery that is going down will pull Americans out of their foggy stupor and jumpstart that revolution you've been hankering for.

eysqueen said...

i dont want foggy stupor people in my revolution. if they gotta be tricked to do the right thing, then they're too simple to be part of the revolution. they'd be put to better use as a sand bag to help hold up a levee, if they even read the memo on when and where to be there...