R & B Amber Alert: Turned Away

Applications... I call shenanigans.

Ok y'all, I also have a part time job at a drug store so not only am I a Cubicle Crusader but also an Hourly Wage Warrior on the side, so my days are always extra special......good times.... that is just some background for the following conversation about application processes, job interviews, rejection, being "Turned Away" (i.e. rejected) from jobs... I am rambling, play the video, laugh at Chukii Booker's flat top shag action, and read the ramblings of 2 overworked, under stimulated sistas!

"Turned Away", by Chuckii Booker

T 2U: how'd you get your second job? just walk in there?
Alise: applied online and he called me the very next day
Alise: and i started 4 days later
T 2U: WOW!
Alise: why dont all jobs work like that
T 2U: okay!
Alise: tell me yes or no and keep it moving
Alise: do you know what I hate worse than anything?
Alise: ok well maybe not anything but irks me nonetheless.... multiple interviews
Alise: dont call me back for no second interview
Alise: just make a decision already
Alise: i can deal with rejection, i'm black, I'm used to it, don't make it linger
Alise: i feel a blog a-coming
T 2U: about job rejection?
T 2U: or the applicant dance?
Alise: all of the above
Alise: the applicant dance is kinda like the Cube dance, but with more intricate steps
Alise: cube dance is the two step or like the Cha Cha slide, the applicant dance is like that Dancing with the stars shit
Alise: mambos and foxtrots
T 2U: i dont understand why these simple jobs want to know all of your info
T 2U: ie best buy wants exstensive employment history

Alise: exactly
Alise: like i said at the Liquor incense and shit emporium we will have NO applications
Alise: list your favorite movies, ipod playlist, and your blogroll
T 2U: i do not feel like finishing this app at all, not for best buy
T 2U: costco is even more rigourous
Alise: i forgot, for cvs i did have to do some personality evaluation thing online, that was just ludicrous
T 2U: ka-razy because then they still have shitty employees
Alise: maybe it is not meant for our understanding.... sigh....

Okay now play the video one more time and laugh at Chuckii Booker's hair, him, Troop, MC Hammer, and Kwame had to all have been going to the same hairdresser, I'm just saying....... Get ready for Operation Shawshank* kicking off next week. (but that's just between me and you, snitches still get stitches...) Happy Friday Cube Sabbath y'all!

*yay for my exit strategy- the lunies have torn the padding off the walls now... -eysqueen

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suga said...

Hourly Wage Warrior ovah here!!
I work @ B&N on the side. Luckily their application process wasn't so rigorous. I did, however, attempt to get put on at Target, mainly because I figure why not pay off my student loans by working at the store that I spend so much time in already anyway. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHY THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION (THAT MUST BE COMPLETED IN THE STORE) IS NEARLY AN HOUR LONG?!?!
Filled with questions about my character, as if I'm dumb enough to mark "yes" when asked if I witnessed a coworker stealing some cocoa butter, would I keep it to myself?

eysqueen said...

I've been trying to get a gig at B&N for a minute! How'd you snag that?

suga said...

I've heard plenty of people say the same thing: It's hard to get put on at B&N

Girl, it took about 2 months, but all I did was get the addresses of the nearest 8 B&N's and mailed my app, resume and cover letter.

When they called, they shocked the hell out of me. lmao