The other day I made my way to the neighborhood library to check out “The Audacity of Hope” by president elect, then senator Obama. Times are hard for everyone and free is always cheaper than full price, so I had no problems getting this text and returning it to the library. Anyway reading this book just fuels my admiration for this dude, but I don’t need to go and on about how much the bomb he is, you should know by now.

In the beginning of the book he goes over how he started his political career and what the climate was when he first became a senator. The early 2000’s was a crappy time for all of us. Clinton having gone through scandal after scandal having his presidency tarnished and Bush taking over and 911. Bad times, the beginning to this twisted crap we are still dealing with. Obama eloquently outlined what senators do and what the other house members do. I’ve never been a fan of civics and by now politicians make everyone cringe. I mean why would you want to knowingly associate yourself with the devil right? Well Obama opened my eyes to how the government was meant to work, and what the government truly stands for. To take the actions of a few power crazed jackasses and attribute it to hundreds of people, the entire government, just isn’t right. It’s like calling the black youth the “hip hop nation”. Just not fair, nor is it accurate.

On to the point. Why would I make a good politician? Because I have a strong sense of right and wrong or rather just and unjust. And when dealing with politics, passing bills, making amendments yada yada yada there is always grey areas. There is always what ifs and the chance that you may leave a section of people out. It takes someone who is focused, not easily swayed but flexible enough to negotiate to stay on task and do what’s best for the people. I’m also all about what’s best for the people. I believe in equality for all, not just some of them and a few of those, EQUALITY FOR ALL. My ideals about treating people equal does not discriminate. I’m an idealist with a realist's life views. I’ve been on the bottom and still cant see the top. I can empathize with those who really need the help of the government, but at the same time I know that it is not the government’s purpose to be the caretaker. The government is supposed to protect and support the ideals of America: work hard and achieve. It is NOT supposed to hinder that dream, but it is also not supposed to give handouts of the dream as well. It is supposed to insure that no one can take your civil liberties, so that you are free to get your piece of the pie. However, the government isn’t supposed to give out pieces of the pie. I think you catch what I’m getting at. I’ve beat this horse enough.

I’m a leader by nature, and thus far a leader with great reluctance. I can make a decision, most of the time good, on the fly and I have the ability to alter my decisions if the first time around didn’t work. I can read people pretty well and am good at seeing intentions, purposes, and mental abilities. I can spot someone who knows what they are doing over a poser quickly, which means I can appoint (oh wait am I trying to be president?) the right people for the right job (I totally stole that from the mission of my company). I’m not afraid when people get loud and passionate about their beliefs, I get just as loud and passionate. In fact, I have more respect for someone who isn’t afraid to show how much they believe in something so animatedly. I’m a direct talker who gets straight to the point and am good at drawing such points out of those who get long winded (like this posting). And I’m smart!

So yeah I could be a politician, a good one, a sincere one, but I don’t want to be one. This scares me because I hate politics. I have a problem with the government, with the man, with the machine. I have a problem with my own potential to be a great leader. I’m not yet comfortable in that skin. Therefore I can’t be a politician. But it was kinda nice to dream about it for awhile.

Peace out! I am not a crook!

My president elect is a human being…

Since we were waxing political:

Alise: politics at the end of the day is a game and you have to play on some level
Alise: that is the nature of power, not just a US or year 2008 thing

T 2U: very true
T 2U: its what this country was founded on
T 2U: a big dang game
Alise: it is what the world is founded on....
Alise: power is a drug
Alise: and even the noblest of (wo)men will sell their baby's diapers for it.... lol (like a crackhead)
Alise: but some are functioning addicts and can make a difference

T 2U: and all we can do is either play the game or shut the f up
T 2U: and survive
T 2U: or plan a revolution

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NaturallyAlise said...

"I’m not afraid when people get loud and passionate about their beliefs, I get just as loud and passionate"

Ain't that the truth: 'Ol' fight da power lookin' gal'. That just gave me a revelation: sometimes the only way to fight the power is to BE the power.... hmmm, let me marinate on that for a second...

Anonymous said...

@Alise: "only way to fight the power is to BE the power" This is exactly my rationale for the MPA/JD thing :-)

'Cause until you and eysqueen plan this revolution, we need someone on the inside, working things out (or at least casing the joint! (that'd be me, lol)

@Eysqueen: Since you don't wanna be president (but I do) maybe I can convince you to be a Hil Clinton style first lady???? You can run things as a side gig!

amymay said...

I'd vote for ya. I'm kinda scared of you, but I'd vote for ya...