What's up with that?

*What's up with that?*

What’s up with white folks in the rural South?
What’s up with white folks in my office who haven’t uttered 2 words to me today (of all the ones that actually showed up)?
What’s up with white folks who I’ve hardly ever talked to doing the cupid shuffle and giving high fives? (not a bad thing)
What’s up with the fact that I can't stick to the memo “what not to do on Nov 5th”
What’s up with the long ass line at the AJC to get a historical paper because they’ve sold out everywhere else? (scrap booking bout to make a comeback, so is the printed on paper word)
alise pops her head in:
What's up with the Schleprock individual that wouldn't let me just enjoy the victory without filling my head about all the negative crap, can I live???!!!
Mine is the opposite of Tiha's, the white folk here in Cubeville, NC are eerily quiet, it is creeping me out, what up with that?
What's up with some of my most jaded *cough Tiha cough* friends so super "un-jaded" today? (so not mad at that)

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Assertive Wit said...

I have a friend whose status on Facebook was "going to sleep" at around 9 pm when she know good and damn well she don't take her ass to sleep before 9 AND this morning she changed her status to "..." BUT last week her status was some old bullshat about McCain...i really want to leave a message on her wall and say "why you acting salty" but I figure I might lose a friend if i taunt her hahahhahahahaha

for comedic purposes: yes, she is Caucasian

suga said...

"What's up with the Schleprock individual that wouldn't let me just enjoy the victory without filling my head about all the negative crap, can I live???!!!"

Man, I feel like shouting this right here. If I here one more person point out that this doesnt mean what we hope it means, I'm gonna scream. Can we at least be happy for 24 hours?!!? sheesh!

Kryssy said...

agrees w/suga.

Man... I live in Texas... probably the MOST Republican state in the U.S..... the 'w-people' at my office were definately solemn this morning... while all "my people" were hugging each other and celebrating. *tsk*
What's sad, is that folks don't realize that 53% of their nation voted this man into office... including black, white, asian, indian, hispanic... ERRYBODY!

Peyso said...

I voted for Obama. But i have a question for everyone who voted for Obama, how would you have reacted had he lost? You know we would have been pissed and a lot of us would have acted worst. I aint madd at a single person who voted for McCain and is mad. Its human nature to be mad when you lose. Now if you go ahead and say something like "Can Obama produce a f*cking birth certificate?" like some of my "friends" on facebook, then we got issues.

eysqueen said...

@peyso the difference is the mccain supporteers lost but still got a good leader in the office, whether they want to admit it or not. if the obama supporters lost, we would have been losing so much more than an election. not that i condone burning shit to the ground, but i surely woulda got my passport ready....